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Just Passing Through is a Canadian comedy series created by Jeremy Larter, Geoff Read, and Jason Larter. The show currently has two seasons; Season 1 was released in November 2013, and Season 2 debuted in January 2016. There are 12, full length episodes in total. 


The series follows two rough-and-tumble 'cousints' from PEI, Terry and Parnell Gallant. In season 1, they stop in Toronto when their car breaks down while on their way to 'get loaded rich' in Alberta. When they realize their cousin(t) Owen lives in Toronto, they decide to crash with him before getting back on the road. But one thing leads to another, and, to Owen's dismay, Terry and Parnell show no signs of leaving Toronto - or Owen's living room. 


Season 2 finds Terry and Parnell back on the Island after making big

money out west - although, it's worth noting, they ended up in a

Saskatchewan potash mine rather than the originally planned Alberta

oilsands. They drum up a plan to get Owen, along with good friends

Alex and Vanessa, to join them for a 'PEI pogey summer.' Season 2

introduces the audience to more of the Gallant family, more romance,

and more PEI shenanigans than ever before. 


Season 1 was primarily shot in Prince Edward Island with some additional

scenes filmed in Toronto; shooting occurred over 30 days between February

and April of 2013. The cast and crew was almost entirely made up of 

Prince Edward Islanders, although there were some talented 'come-from-

awayers' in the mix as well, including three members of the main cast. Season 2

was shot entirely on PEI in June 2015 - again with a talented crew of Islanders and

come-from-awayers. Season 2 included over 100 speaking roles.


Both seasons of Just Passing Through were funded by The Independant Production Fund: In 2012, Just Passing Through was one of 153 applicants, and one of 15 projects chosen to receive funding. Season 2 was again funded in 2014 - one of 17 successful projects from 188 applicants. Innovation PEI also contributed funding for season 1.


Season 2 was partially funded through a Kickstarter campaign, which seeks funding from fans or any individual, group, or business wishing to contribute. This effort rasied $56,000 - over 10% more than the $50,000 goal. 


The show has been an online sensation and has received rave reviews across Canada and internationally. The Globe and Mail's TV Critic, John Doyle, ranked Just Passing Through #6 on his Top 10 TV List in 2013. Doyle also listed creators Jeremy Larter and Geoff Read as runners-up for Arts' Artists of the Year in 2013 - second to Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan. 

“If Just Passing Through isn’t the best thing to come out of Prince Edward Island since Anne of Green Gables, it’s definitely the funniest.”
Fast Company
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